Earnings Metrics

Keep track of your portfolio numbers
Earnings Metrics are displayed at the top of the User Dashboard to help users track earnings and interest owed, balancing their porfolio APYs with budgeting for volatility to avoid liquidations.
Fig 1. Check for your total supply and borrow positions, as well as Net APY in one place
  • Total Supply - total value of principal deposited and interest accrued
  • APY Earned - the percentage yield earned (compounded and annualised) from deposits. The APY earned changes according to the Supply and Demand dynamics, which determine the deposit and financing rates offered
  • Total Borrow - total value of loan principal and interest owed
  • APY Accrued - the percentage interest owed (compounded and annualised) on the total borrowing position. The aggregate deposit balance (i.e. deposit and interest) will be refreshed periodically throughout the day
  • Net APY - the net annual percentage yield earned or paid. A positive Net APY represents that the user is earning more than he/she has to pay out in interest whereas a negative Net APY means the user is paying more interest than what is being earned