Asset Parameters

Defining asset framework

Each asset within zkLend is evaluated based on their risk, which influences how they are supplied and borrowed within the protocol. Once Governance has been setup, assets will be added or removed through a governance proposal or via Asset listing admins selected by zkLend Governance.

List of Assets Supported

All of the assets parameters are reviewed no less than once per month and will be updated in this page once implemented.

For Borrow/Lend

Borrow Caps

Borrow caps are implemented at the pool level, which means that once the aggregate limit has been reached, users will not be able to borrow that asset until repayment is made.

Higher liquidity and lower volatility assets have higher Optimal Utilisation Ratio.

For Liquidations

For Flash Loans

Flash Loan users have to pay a fee of 0.09% on the borrowed amount.

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