Audit and Formal Specification

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zkLend is currently on mainnet and its contracts are written in Cairo 1. Our Cairo 1 contracts have been audited by our partner Nethermind prior to deployment in October 2023, while previous Cairo 0 contracts were also audited and formally specified by the same team.
Nethermind has been one of the leaders within the Ethereum and Starknet ecosystem since 2017. They are a blockchain infrastructure company that provides Ethereum clients and tools for developers, businesses, and individuals. They are known for their high-performance Ethereum client as well as key Starknet public good pieces such as the Starknet blockexplorer Voyager, Juno the full node client that supports Starknet and the Warp transpiler that bridges the gap between Solidity and Cairo.

Formal Specification & Audit Report

Cairo 1
Cairo 0